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E-commerce Website Development

Online presents the best market place for most products. At Sygnet, we have enabled businesses to tap into this market by equipping them with their own e-Commerce websites and mobile apps. The digital stores we have built for our customers powered by our e-Commerce development services have helped them create new market verticals and generate millions of dollars in revenue. Our proficiency in e-Commerce website design and mobile app design stems from our blended team expertise in both user experience design and e-Commerce technologies. We understand that every business is unique and the business models that may work for one business may not work for another. This is why our bespoke e-Commerce development services are delivered such that it is tailored to meet your business’ needs and is not a cookie-cutter one size fits all solution. Years of expertise in e-Commerce website development and mobile app development places us in a unique position to be your true design and technology partner as you look to launch your very own digital store with unique business models. Our e-Commerce development strategy has always been to maximize your ROI on an e-Commerce platform.

Some of the key attributes to our e-Commerce development services are:

    Social Login
Enable users to sign up and login with ease using their social accounts on Facebook, Twitter etc and ditch out necessity to sign up via default registration process. Convenience in signing in and signing up will improve your user enrollments. Multi-language Welcome visitors from all over the world with the convenience of shopping in the language native to them. Our 432+ language support prepares your e-Commerce store to connect with people from different linguistic backgrounds. Multi Currency Choose from 168 currencies to get them integrated into your e-Commerce store. Accept payments from customers across the globe and provide customers the convenience to pay in their preferred currency.
    Unlimited Products & Categories
Giving adequate options to choose certainly spikes up the customer's interest to shop. Magento being a robust platform enables you to upload any number of products to your site. Further, the bulk edit feature makes product management a simple task.
    Easy Checkout
The one step checkout reduces the size of the normal checkout forms considerably by bringing all crucial information in one single page. Hence customers can fill in the checkout form in a jiffy, thereby leaving no room for shopping cart abandonment.
    Reviews & Rating
Introduce a flavour of authenticity to all the products in your e-Commerce site through customer reviews and ratings. When a product receives good reviews & ratings, a trust factor is developed. Trust factor betters your brand name & accelerates conversions.
    Order Management
You receive notification when a customer places an order. Orders can be categorized as new, pending payments, processing or complete depending on the status. You can edit, cancel and also generate invoice for the orders.
    Advanced Reports
Advanced reports lets you comprehend and foresee sales trends. You get to receive customer wise, country wise sales report on an hourly or a daily basis. You can compare these reports and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your eCommerce site.
    SEO Friendly URL
Magento enables you to have custom made URL’s for every page. So you can refine the URL’s to be user friendly and at the same time add keywords. User friendly URL’s stay in customer's mind and by targeting keywords you can improve site rankings.
    Google Analytics
Having Google analytics integrated to your eCommerce site can prove effective to your business as you get to know about the number of incoming visitors, overall conversion rates, and bounce rates. Based on the reports you can plan your business strategy.

    Automated Newsletter & Email
68% of customers still use emails to receive commercial information. So you can offer personalized services to your customers through automated newsletters and convey latest deals in your e-Commerce site. By this way you can expand your client base.
    Stock Management
Magento makes stock management simple. You can oversee the stock quantities of different warehouses at multiple locations. If the stock levels fall below a specified limit you automatically receive low stock notifications.
    Customer Management
You can manger customer related information from the admin panel. You can create a group for customers in the back end and add loyal customers to the group. During special occasions you can offer vouchers to a specified group.
    Categories Management
Presenting products in the form of categories makes your site tidy. You can add any number of categories to a product. Magento lets you add new categories and edit/delete the existing ones from the back end. You can also add any number of products to a category.
    Shipping Methods
Presenting products in the form of categories makes your site tidy. You can add any number of categories to a product. Magento lets you add new categories and edit/delete the existing ones from the back end. You can also add any number of products to a category.
    Shipping Methods
You can configure the shipping methods from the admin panel. Magento lets you specify the warehouse from where products are to be shipped and shipping address. You can allow shipping to multiple addresses, levy shipping charges and many more.
    Tax Management
Paying taxes are an integral part of your business. Magento taxation system lets you levy taxes depending on the geographical zones. Be it sales tax, product tax or customer tax, Magento gives you the provision for it.
    Invoice Management
Magento lets you create a new invoice template by uploading your own HTML template. The invoices can be typed in any language that is supported by Magento. You can send these invoices as a mail attachment to your customers
    Responsive Themes
Apart from e-Commerce website design, we deliver ready made themes that are not only appealing but also responsive. Hence users are sure to have an optimal viewing experience across all mobile devices such as smart phones, iPads and tablet devices. Responsive design plays a vital role in improving page rankings.
    Admin Dashboard
Admin has a separate dashboard. Admin receives notifications such as new product inclusion request, new seller inclusion request & many more. Admin can control the reviews & ratings of product, get information about the best selling product & so on.
    Product Comparison
When there are similar products from different brands, customers will find it difficult to discriminate between them. Product comparisons give customers a clear insight about the difference between such products.


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